Her pet chicken done her wrong!



“I did not become a vegetarian for my health, I did it for the health of the chickens.” ― Isaac Bashevis Singer

The topic of interest for this week’s Word Prompt on Susan and my alternate website, Weekly Prompts”,  is “Hearty Meals”. As far as this story goes though the title could rightly be changed to “Hardly a Meal”.

I was waiting in my doctor’s office earlier today when a female approached the office receptionist and told her that she had an appointment at 2 p.m with her family physician.

The woman’s left hand was bandaged and she was in an agitated state. The receptionist noted the woman’s anxiety and asked her what had happened.

The visibly upset patient told the receptionist that she was here today to treat a bite that her pet chicken had inflicted upon her two days before.

According to the woman she and the chicken were having supper in her apartment when the woman mistakenly bent down to adjust the chicken’s feed bowl on the floor located next to the dining room table.

She said she must have startled the bird because it began pecking furiously at her hand and fingers.

When the incident was over the woman noticed that two of her fingers were bleeding and so she wrapped them in a towel and decided to call her doctor for an office appointment after she noticed that the fingers had become swollen and discolored.

The woman didn’t really disclose what she was having for supper that day but we can only hope that it was not Buffalo chicken wings and chicken fingers.

Sometimes in life irony and poetic justice seems to rule the roost. 🙂


Word Prompt Hearty Meals




  1. I can never understand why anyone would keep poultry in their home! You can’t housetrain a chicken so in those living conditions it’s hardly surprising the woman’s fingers became infected!


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