Satisfying our esthetic needs



“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” –  E. O. WilsonL A B O R  O F  L O V E  A N D  S H A R I N G

This week’s photo challenge on my partner Susan and my alternate website, WEEKLY PROMPTS, is SATISFACTION.

Ever since its initial experiences in the Garden of Eden human beings have had a continuing love affair with the flora and fauna of nature especially with the stately trees, birds singing and last but definitely not least the fragrant and beautiful flowers that appear on the planet.

That being stated it is no surprise that a local mall owner recently contracted a florist shop located on the site and asked them to handle the appearance, maintenance and upkeep of the six large planters that were strategically located about the site.

According to the shop owner this was the first year that the mall director has taken such a course of action.

“In the past few years the outdoor planters were maintained by the site’s maintenance crew and the results were disastrous.”

This year management decided to entrust the task to the onsite florist shop personnel. They are taking care of the planters with great pride.

The phoos on the right illustrate the initial setup of the planters which began in early May of this year.

The photo on the left indicates the curent state of one such planter.

The manager of the shop told me that one of the planters had been vandalized while another had suffered the ill effects of heavy rainfall and extreme sunlight.

“I am amazed that anyone would want to intentionally destroy the flower arrangements. They are there to add to the beauty of the area” she said.

To me florists are like bumble bees. They know a good floral arrangemnt when they see it and know what pleases them and what does not.

A tip of the hat to these dedicated folks who are doing their best to make the shopping experience a visual treat for the shoppers who visit the mall.


Photo Challenge Satisfaction




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