The freshness of a rainy day stroll




“Do not be angry with the rain. It simply does not know how to fall upwards.”

This week’s word challenge on my partner Susan and my alternate website Weekly Prompts is RAINY DAYS.

How many times have you cursed Mother Nature for actually raining on your parade (family picnic, golf date or merely tinkering about in your garden)?

We have all done this from time to time and have also learned that our long range outdoor plans whatever they may be are totally dependent on sunny skies and warm sunshine.

When was the last time you took an enjoyable walk in the rain?

I suppose the enjoyment of the walk depends on whether or not it is a gentle spring/summer shower as opposed to a driving and cold late season monsoon.

The weather my way has been unseasonable and the best that summer has offered to date is a cold and rainy morning and a somewhat pleasant but sunny and warm afternoon. The yin and yang of the weather scale.

The freshness of the air during and after a surprise rainfall is a reward in itself.

The colors are more dramatic and the street sounds less intrusive.

Next time it rains pick up your umbrella and discover a new world waiting for you to explore




  1. We had a month of nothing but rain, and now a month of temps in the 90s and no rain. I don’t mind the rain, for it freshens everything and … it waters the flowers so that I don’t have to drag a heavy watering can in and out of the house 4-5 times each morning!

    Given that my friend in Alberta has been evacuated once this summer due to wildfires near his home, and they are on standby alert, for they have had no rain in months.

    I cannot complain when it rains … I just wish it would rain where it’s needed most.


    • As far as the rain is concerned it is either feast or famine. The weather really makes no logical sense. Some day the weather patterns will get it right. Until then t is a matter of sink or swim I guess.

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