This informative article from my partner Susan offers you a heads up regarding your hearing and what you should do if you suspect your hearing may be affected. – gc

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grey haired ladyA third entry to GC and my Weekly Prompts Definitions!

A deaf husband and a blind wife are always a happy couple.” ~ John Florio

This week while walking at the top of the lane, a grey-haired elderly looking lady waved to me from one of the gardens. I took a second look and was shocked to discover that the grey haired lady with her hair tied into a bun was not at all old, this was a young woman, aged just forty-two and who as a child used to play at my house with my children.

How sad that her hair had turned grey at such a young age, and I found it hard to understand why she hadn’t attempted to colour and conceal it to preserve her youth a little while longer.

I am fortunate that I look younger than my actual age, and that the…

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  1. Thank you very much for the re-blog. Knowing there is almost a stigma attached to wearing hearing aids I almost didn’t write the article, but I’m glad I did.

    Here’s an amusing reason why we should get our hearing checked, especially if it sounds familiar!

    Bright and early Saturday morning Joss and I were babysitting Lizzy’s little ones. Joss asked, “Has Alice pooed yet?

    I answered, “Why are you asking, Does she smell?”

    Carrying Alice he came over to where I was sat and asked me “Have you got your hearing aids in, I asked you Is Alice two yet? 😂😂


    • Sometimes the person suffering from any type of affliction or handicap is the last one to realize it. I am glad you took action to correct the situation. HUGZ


      • True, or like me you ignore it because you don’t really want to sit underneath the umbrella marked ‘Old Folk’. and That’s the tag poor hearing has. And you know how sensitive I am about getting older! I still don’t believe I’m deaf because everything sounds the same with or without the hearing aids, the only difference is I hear those initial sounds clearly now. 🙂


        • I can truly appreciate your line of thinking. We all tend to place labels upon ourselves whether they are justified or not. The solution: Ignore label making and branding yourself. Be proactive on your own behalf. Enjoy every day that you are given. That is the real gift. xx

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          • Thank you. I admire people who accept their age graciously and simply get on with it. I cannot understand it but I admire that they don’t seem to mind.


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