Too many fingers in this WP stew



“If you have the ability to see the things behind the scenes, then you have the greatest talent one can ever have because there is almost always something else behind the things!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan

T O O  M A N Y  T W E A K E R S  I N  T H E  K I T C H E N 

As my talented partner and fellow blogger Susan has recently requested “if you see something…say something”.

In my almost humble opinion I think there are too many happiness engineers at Word Press who are adding their own personal tweaks and touches to the program’s code.

They are doing this behind the scenes and are not aware of the other coders actions. It is one thing to state that there are “many bugs” in the system but another to realize that there are too many HE types buggering up the works.

In the past ten days I have discovered that I could no longer use the older familiar format editor and was “forced” to grapple with the new “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) alternative.

I do not like the format. Did not want the format. Was not informed that the new format would become the acceptable standard. And was left in the dark to conform to a new norm I did not sign up for.

Yesterday I contacted one of the WP help gurus and told him my displeasure with the new editor format.

He assured me that he could help me and added that an update to the WP platform eliminated the older format for the editor.

He reaffirmed that he would  “fix” the code on my site(s) so that on whichever one I used the newer editor would no longer be there unless I wanted to choose that option for myself.

It took him a few moments to handle the problem and I thanked him for his efforts.

While his expertise and assistance in this matter was greatly appreciated I think that the Happiness Engineers should contact the site’s users ( especially the premium ones) that this change is coming and that they need to contact the coding team if they want to continue with the older format.

Sometimes I wonder if the Happiness engineers are aware that it is their users happiness that is the main issue.

I hope this article gives all of us the heads up we need to report any and all anomalies in the WP platform. 

Only by doing so will we as users continue to be our own happiness engineers.



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