Kids more spontaneous than adults



“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” —  e. e. cummings

T H E   D E V I L   M A D E   H I M   D O  I T !

This week’s word prompt on my partner Susan and my alternate website is SPONTANEITY.

This important trait of the human spirit makes us curious, engaging and in love with life.

The youngster in the photo above was just being himself: a kid standing in line at the grocery store with his mother and felt bored.

So you’re patiently standing in the express lane of your neighborhood grocery store when the youngster ahead of you decides to suddenly become a show biz personality and begins to slowly but carefully stack a number of grocery items that he and his mother ( not in the picture) have chosen for their shopping outing today.

Would you silently show your immediate disapproval of such an outrageous act and give the mother and her son the evil eye or would you instead applaud the kid for playing against the odds by being that ambitious to place the items atop the moving conveyor belt at the checkout station.

I publicly began to clap and congratulate him for his adventurous spirit of fun and spontaneity.

Many folks these days tend to ignore the child inside themselves and would twitch and squirm in the lineup behind him and his mom showing their discomfort.

This is a tip of the proverbial hat to him for his playful spirit. -gc


Word Prompt Spontaneity


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