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Pursuing a problem and making everyone aware that this problem is not an isolated issue is important in this time when corporations and their happiness machines try to either gloss over issues or minimize the extent of them. Great work Susan!

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computer bug“Not all bugs will be addressed because it depends on the severity of the bug and how many sites are affected” ~ Happiness Engineer

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It’s no secret that during the past three weeks I’ve been airing my grievances firmly in the direction of the WordPress Happiness Engineers.

Throughout the process, I remained polite but forthright, that so, I wasn’t proud of my constant complaints. No one likes a chronic complainer, and I was turning into a shrew; but in this instance, I really felt that if I didn’t continue to communicate , harass and question, my issues would not be dealt with, and I was correct.

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  1. Many thanks for re-blogging this post. I had begun to think I was bashing my head against a brick wall In trying to get others to understand the importance of joining together with each of us reporting faults individually. In this instance Communities do not count but individual sites do. Thank you Gerry 🙂

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    • Very welcome Susan. I knew you were carrying the brunt of the work to persuade WP HE to not rest on their laurels and do something to help their users. Words of praise to you on your continuing efforts. I have a few more days of tests to undergo and will be back here as soon as possible. xx

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      • I think I’ve said this before in a previous conversation, but what I was picking up on was that some bloggers, those that belong to relatively new communities, the ones that also issue challenges were leaving it to the ones that were issuing the challenges to report a fault. Many were not taking charge of their own problems! I just can’t understand that

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        • Consider this Susan: The new bloggers ( lacking community) and those more experienced bloggers ( issuing the challenges) could be compared to a people who win a high powered luxury vehicle ( A Lamborghini). They have a few mechanical problems, assume other such owners have the same problems and report nothing because they are leery about looking under the hood of the car.

          The hood should be lifted, popped and carefully scrutinized. To keep silent deprives those folks of the happiness of doing their best with what is available.

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