A dog with a bone

This is a battle of frustration and denial. WP really can’t expect users to believe their fake news that this has never happened before. You can only sweep so much under the proverbial carpet. – gc

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

Dog with a boneThe Conversation saga with WordPress Continues, it’s a conversation I’m not comfortable with. I don’t want be a dog with a bone, or should that be bitch? I want normal service resumed,  pingbacks that don’t fail and be able to click Like on the websites of other bloggers. I want to relax and not feel I am leading the charge in a battle!

Yesterday’s conversation 

The latest conversation is below in a slightly different format to yesterday.

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  1. Thank you again. I still cannot comment or click Like on your site unless I use the reader. Today it’s not even offering me a WordPress logo to click, instead I’m presented with a sign up form! I don’t know what else to do, I’ve been attempting to grind WordPress down but it seems that it’s me who is beginning to feeling weary!


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