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An important message for all WP users who are unaware of the pingback issue or have written it off as being business as usual. A good and informative read. – gc

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Bringing our Communities together

Today I’m linking (hopefully via pingback) to a couple of other blogs. Perfectly Suitable for the RDP and also to Fandango’sArrears something I don’t want to be in! I’m doing this because Ahow would I know whether the problem of pingbacks has been fixedand B we need to make people aware of how essentialit is that we all help each other and bring our communities together on this.

complaintsWe must carry on testing our pingbacks before using a link, andCommunicate with WordPress by sending details everytime we have a failure or fault. We cannot simply switch to using links without first attempting a pingback and then hope that someone else will take care of the complaints for us. We need to bombard WordPress with our faults, no matter how small, every detail counts and if LIVE CHAT is not supported, use this link

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  1. Many thanks for the re-blog. I have to admit that I’m shocked at the attitude of many. The other day a lady blogger commented, “Oh someone in our community has already reported the fault.” I politely suggested they report their own faults and continue to do so.
    My patience is beginning to wear thin!


    • She sounds like she is a member of the community of the disinterested who publicly do not like to be reminded that there is something amiss in their social milieu.

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      • I think it’s the age old problem that is tricky to go into fully on here. Let’s just say there’s a type of woman who prefers that their husband always drives the car, that same mindset often overlaps into other areas of their lives, substitute the husband for a similar stronger figure and there you have the answer.


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