We have to raise a stink on this one


“Hypocrisy can afford to be magnificent in its promises, for never intending to go beyond promise, it costs nothing.” —  Edmund Burke

“P I N G B A C K S  A R E  A   P A I N  I N  T H E  B U T T”

It’s that time of the year again when the Word Press Management Team (WPM) assumes its slothful corporate position and begins to face the painful fact that a great number of their loyal followers are morphing into nasty perennial hemorrhoids that act up to make their corporate lives unbearably unpleasant.

The number of users who have written about their own unpleasant experiences with the company’s user complaint division is legion. Over the years the human resources division has seemingly relegated its corporate responsibilities to its marketing and sales division to further market share while alienating user loyalty.

The following extract is taken from the WP beginner section:

“Pingback allows you to notify other bloggers that you have linked to their article on your website. Although there are some minor technical differences, a trackback is basically the same things as a pingback.

If the other blogger or author has a pingback enabled website, then they can see a notification that you have linked to their article. They can then choose to allow your link to appear on their website.

Depending on how your WordPress theme is configured, pingbacks on your site may or may not show an excerpt of content from the other person’s blog”

I think that this “pingback” issue is a direct assault against my partner Susan and my attempt to fill the void that was left after WP last June decided to close their own similar “Prompt” site and leave its users out to dry with no available site alternatives.

Many users have been lulled into believing that the problem is not wide-spread and that there must be something wrong with their computer software. Management hopes that the majority will be gullible enough to accept this corporate hogwash and go away peacefully.

The issue not only involves the non paying users but many “premium” members are also being deprived the right to use the pinback feature to promote their creative works.

The audacity of the firm is evident in the fact that its IT section has not fully explored the issue since the new user guide defines what the feature can do for the user.

The second issue involved the many “monthly special” discount that someone at WP is sending out to users in which the users effectiveness to attract new markets and reach new readers is overly endorsed.

In biblical terms it appears that the right hand of the company (executives) does not know what the left hand ( IT and marketing ) divisions are doing.

Users have to raise a stink about this irresponsible approach to customer satisfaction.

Over the many years I have been a subscriber to this site’s platform I have written a number of articles regarding their capricious treatment of its users.

Also over the many years I have received comments advising me to save my energy and accept the fact that WP is out for dollars and not results.

The time has come for WP to either put up or close its operation centers and join the ranks of the has been publishing empires. – gc



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