Do you ever listen to us Word Press?


“I sighed. I hated the maze of bureaucracy with a passion, but I’ve found the best way to deal with it is to smile and act stupid. That way, no one gets confused.” ― Kim Harrison, Dead Witch Walking

C A N  Y O U  H E A R  U S  N O W  ?

If you have spent any amount of time using the Word Press platform to publish your material you will notice over the years how indifferent the company has become to their users pleas for technical intervention and assistance.

My partner Susan is currently battling this firm’s bureaucratic demands for more information so that their technical whiz kids will be enabled to almost immediately rectify users who want to post their creative works using a ping back structure.

The emails exchanged between Susan and WP’s gurus have requested that more folks email them and in detail outline the problems they are having using this style of publishing.

Screen shots, written feedback and some type of united effort on the part of WP’s dedicated users will in their corporate opinion help the company rediscover the source of the problem which will lead them to a speedy resolution of the issue .

I hate to burst this bubble of complacency but the truth of the matter is WP is an out for profit company and not into the solutions game. They asked Susan to provide as much information as possible to help them but how much data is needed to resolve the issues here?

A considerable number of folks who blog here lack the experience or the skills required to clue the techies in the right direction. I am quite certain that the friendly person Human Resource person assigned to respond to users’ emails is someone who lives at home, has a cat and is striving for a spot in the executive enclave.

Meanwhile the advertising department at WP is on a campaign to seduce more money from their already disillusioned users. A recent email I received from WP tried to woo me and other premium customers to invest a few more dollars in their platform so that we can express ourselves on-line more fully. Hogwash.

These types of technical issues have plagued WP for years and always seem to occur around the beginning of a new calendar year. Last year they abandoned ship and at the end of June informed their dedicated followers that they can fend for themselves.

I cannot logically understand this company advertising motif towards  recruiting more customers to join the ranks of the disappointed .

Have they no shame at all? 

I am posting this article using the ping back method. 

Hopefully it will be published without incident. — gc







  1. Well, love, I am sorry to say your pingback didn’t work either but by now you will have checked yourself.

    Somewhere lurking in the background there is a bug in the system but just which piece of code it has attached itself to is anyone’s guess. If everyone pulls together and provides information, the developers, the grafters, (not the directors) might finally sort it.

    I enjoyed your article and I thank you for writing it and for your support. xx 🙂


    • Always here to support you partner. I think that the cause of the confusion is indifference on the part of WP. They are probably assuring themselves that the ping back problem will disappear if they persevere long enough, obfuscate the issue, ignore user request and keep a closed mind to the noise of the rabble. Much akin to Marie Antoinette and her slogan “let them eat cake!”. A true humanitarian that she was.


  2. The ads are getting more and more obtrusive. I now have five on each blog post, top, middle then again, and two on the bottom. I have tried three ad blockers, asked for help and only get one answer, update to a paid platform.

    I find ads irritating, that’s why I don’t watch regular tv. Games on my phone if I’m stuck in a car waiting for someone used to be fun. Now after every move you get a 30-60 second ad. And they repeat constantly. I finally uninstalled every game but Solitaire since it contains no ads.

    Youtube puts up ads in the middle and ads covering the end of videos so you can’t even see the end. It’s all too much. I think my age is showing. With Trump and now all devices streaming ads nonstop, I am constantly irritated.


    • I wonder if You Tube and WP are teaming up to create one massive advertising regime. I find the ads featuring the snakes on WP to be reprehensive if not anti reptilian. The world runs on money and WP is no different. While advertising on the free accounts is standard not have a function like ping backs on premium accounts is outright robbery.


    • One of the reasons I chose to pay for a WordPress site was to avoid seeing adverts and to avoid inflicting them on others. I appreciate that adverts on free sites pay for the free sites and are the main income for WordPress, but I find it annoying that I have see them on every free site I visit.

      It’s also one of the reasons I left Facebook. I was almost a founder member but then the masses joined and along with a horde of adverts spoiled the experience.

      I never play games so those adverts don’t affect me. You have my sympathy regarding television adverts, North America has one of the worst reputations for this, with adverts taking up almost more viewing time than the programmes themselves.

      I’m also amazed that people sit in front of a TV and watch a shopping channel!

      I tend to watch mainstream TV and if a programme is shown by a station that has adverts I download instead and that way I avoid all those pesky adverts.

      Someone once said to me that adverts are useful because it gives you the chance to get a snack! Have they not heard of the pause button ?

      I don’t think it’s your age Cheryl, it’s this age, the one we’re living in! 🙂


      • The age we are living in sucks. Fake news. Cover ups. Forced advertising on users. Corporate denial of existing problems. I don’t miss the adverts BUT I do expect to be able to use all the features of the application I am using. Perhaps WP has a higher user level that helps folks use the ping back without difficulty?

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        • Actually, earlier on when you first attempted a re-blog you set me on a new train of thought, I won’t go into here but I have new questions for tomorrow.


  3. I’ve had similar problems. In the past 5 years, I’ve posted over 5,000 blogs, all of them using pingbacks which worked. In the past year, practically none of them do.

    It is not a matter of my not knowing how to pingback, obviously, and even when I’ve told them exactly what I do, they just write back asking me to be more explicit in describing what I am doing.

    I once counted, and to post a post making use of 4 different prompts and thereby linking to those 4 sites necessitates more than 50 distinct actions. To list every one of them? Ridiculous.

    Just look at how it is supposed to be done and believe me that I’ve followed directions, as I have been for five years!! I had given up and have been manually establishing links for the past year or so, but now see a number of people having the same problem.

    Hopefully, WP will heed our cry.

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    • Over the past five years at east you nd I have written about this issue nd it seemed as though only a small handful of us were experiencing the situation. In the past the number of unhappy users was minimal. Today as that number is obviously growing WP should face the issue directly and do something to correct it. Only time will tell Judy. Thanks for writing. 🙂

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    • Extremely frustrating for you. My background is Computing, therefore I understand why WordPress is asking for every small detail. It has a fault that is proving difficult to fix, but it’s dry hard to find a link between those of us with problems without having those individual details from each of us.

      Another lady told me she too had endured a pingback problem and like you it stretches back some months, what she also told me was that she hadn’t reported it! I was stunned by this remark, how on earth can WP fix a fault if it didn’t know it existed!

      I’m also frustrated and like others my patience is wearing a little thin. Not least because I dislike links, they become hidden in the normal comments, pingbacks are far more effective and encourage others to visit our sites just as they did on the WordPress Daily Prompts.

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      • Like many users I have been with WP for many years. Their perennial excuse for such issues is always the same: “We were not aware of the problem. Provide us more detail. Or outright rejection informing users that it must be the fault of their computers. How long can an ostrich keep its head in the sand. Only until the time it feels the need to put it up its butt. Corporate reality Susan.

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      • But either way, whether a pingback that is made automatically from the links we publish in our blogs or from our manually copying that same link, they both still go into comments. And sometimes the pingbacks work, sometimes not. And I always do them exactly the same. The only links that continually work are the Mr. Linky links. Perhaps that is the best way to go.


        • You are correct Judy both methods when functioning correctly are effective.

          Personally, I prefer the more professional standard and the accepted Internet Protocol which for bloggers is Pingbacks. It was the only way to take part in WordPress’s Daily Prompts.

          Our initial aim for Weekly Prompts was to create a professional site something on the lines of the old Daily Prompts. Without paying for a business site, we created what for us is the next best thing.
          At the moment we have lost that professional edge because the need to enable comments has resulted in pingbacks becoming lost in the midst of links and general comments.
          Obviously, you have to use whichever method you’re most comfortable with, or more to the point whichever works best for you. Thank you Judy.


    • Also Judy, WordPress doesn’t need to have your fifty actions, the mind boggles on that one!

      What it needs to know is – When you wrote your article were you using the App or the dashboard, a PC or a mobile device such as a tablet or cell phone, and the URL of your article and the URL of the receiving site/sites of your pingbacks. That’s all they’re likely to need.

      Someone might come back to you and ask about a specific detail, but it’s all pretty straight forward.


      • Okay, Sue. Thanks. You are the only person who ever said that. Every happiness engineer has asked me to go through every step of the process. What do you mean about using the app or the dashboard? I use the “write” function of WP that I’ve placed in my favorites. Is that the app? I appreciate the time you are devoting to this and I’ll follow your advice. Thanks..


        • Now, not seeing your favourites Judy I can only guess. A link saved in your favourites sounds as though you are working directly from the WordPress dashboard.

          If you have the WordPress App installed on your computer desktop, tablet or mobile phone (cell phone) you will see the WordPress icon. the large blue W. So once again I’m guessing you don’t have the App.

          The dashboard is probably a better option anyway because there are more functions available so stick with it.

          Like you, I hope WordPress sorts out our problems soon, they are becoming such a nuisance. Thank you Judy I appreciate your kind comment here. 🙂

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    • I know there is the expression “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” BUT free or not WP has to do something to increase their customer service. If you are not plagued by emails from the company to “up your ante” and convert to a premium account then you are unique. The ret of us can only hope the IT staff and management will take the high road and listen to their users complaints.


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