To shake or not shake “is” the issue



“A cough is something that you yourself cannot help , but everybody else does on purpose just to torment you.” – Ogden Nash.

C O U G H  S Y R U P  I S  S E R I O U S  M E D I C I N E

A persistent cough and nasal and chest congestion associated with a cold and flu are serious matters requiring serious solutions. A person suffering from these symptoms seeks  immediate relief for his/her problems.

Although there are many “Over The Counter” (OTC) solutions available to a cold sufferer there appears to be no consistency in the way many manufacturers label directions for the proper use of their product.

I recently contracted the flu and my sore throat quickly developed into a stuffy nose and persistent cough. Since my condition was not that severe I decided to visit my local pharmacy and see what was offered there.

The number of cold tablets, capsules  and cough syrups offered was staggering. After a quick investigation I chose a cough formulation that would handle my immediate problem. Benylin had never let me down in the past. 

I read and reread the instructions listed on the outer packaging and noticed there were no distinct directions. It merely outlined the dosage amount and the frequency of use. I purchased this well-known product and began using it.

After the fourth dosage I noticed that my condition was not improving and that I was coughing a lot more than before using the syrup.  The fluid in the bottle was at the half way point and I decided to visit the drug store before I ran out of it.

I returned to the pharmacy, chose the exact syrup again but this time noticed that the words “shake well before using” were emblazoned on the outer packaging. I opened the box and noticed there were no similar words on the bottle’s labelling.

To tell you the truth I was bloody peeved. The solution I had been taking did not contain the ingredients that I needed to lessen my cold symptoms.

The pharmacist was not aware of this discrepancy and had received no other complaints regarding this major omission by the manufacturer.

I wrote a letter of complaint to  the offending company telling them their over site was detrimental to consumers using their product.

I am still using the syrup and have not received an email back from the company.

I do know that I am shaking the living daylights out of that bottle of syrup.

Reading the label in some cases still leaves the consumer in the dark.

Asking the pharmacist in this situation might not have resolved the issue.

Sometimes the buyer beware warning offers no real protection from error.









    • Remember the Beatle song “Shake it up baby”? Making that a personal slogan whenever taking liquid cold formulations might be a prudent course of action to follow. . Why cut your cold remedy short?


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