Advertising’s empty propaganda



“It’s in our biology to trust what we see with our eyes. This makes living in a carefully edited, overproduced and photoshopped world very dangerous.” Brené Brown

A D  M E N  A R E  R E A L L Y  M I D D L E  M E N

This article is written from a male’s perspective and refers to this week’s Photo Challenge  ADVERTISING on my partner Susan and my other website “Weekly Prompts”. These ads are often unwanted and uninvited but continue to plague users even when the site they are paying for guarantees no advertising solicitation.


In the early days of television advertising one company informed concerned males “nice hair gets you chicks” and added that “if a little dab will do ya imagine what two dabs could do for you.”

The medium has changed over the years but one thing remains constant: if you have a “need” then there is a product or service that will meet your needs if you are willing to do what it takes to succeed.

Ad men have become reality brokers and for a fee promise to relieve your inner anxieties about those issues you have placed high on your hierarchy of needs.

Men want the girl next door type with the unforgettable smile, the great body and of course the type of personality that their mothers would envy.

The constant pummeling of advertising messages wear a person down and after a short period of time men tell themselves that yes there is an elephant in the room and they must do something, anything to rectify their situation.

It gets to the point where fantasy becomes reality and as the advertising content becomes more high tech and the man begins to age ( sometimes gracefully) he begins to assume he is missing out on the good things in life. 

Male enhancement drugs, extended gym and spa memberships and of course plastic surgery procedures become part of his daily routine.

There is a place for advertising in society but not when it becomes mere product brainwashing and brand pushing.

At times you have to pinch yourself and yell “enough is enough already”.

Photo Challenge Advertising



  1. Look no further – The girl next door type with the unforgettable smile, the great body and of course the type of personality that their mothers would envy? I think you won the jackpot! !! 😀😀

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