Passport photos do need updating

Dorian Gray



“A lot of Americans don’t have a passport, never will have a passport. Not only will they not travel, they don’t want to travel. — Henry Rollins

In this week’s installment on Susan and my alternate site “Weekly Prompt” we selected the word PASSPORT as an idea worthy of discussion. The warmer weather is a few months away and many of you will be making travel plans. Hope this article helps.

Ever notice how your own body physically changes over time but that your mental image of yourself does not as if believing that assumption actually assures that you are better today than you have ever been?

Having a photo taken of yourself as you are today tends to provide the unequivocal proof that you are changing and that your photos taken even a few years ago are totally out of whack as to the person you are today.

A person’s hairline changes, we all put on a few “extra pounds” and age lines appear that were not there only a few weeks ago. That’s life and life is about change.

If you do have a passport and are about to travel to a new country a quick glance at the photo will immediately show you that you have physically changed : you now wear horned rim reading bifocals instead of contact lenses;  sport a bushy moustache; notice more bags under your eyes today than when the photo was taken only a few months ago.

The photo on your passport does not suspend reality like the “Picture of Dorian Grey” offered a false façade of the man presented on the canvas. The hands of time march on and we must follow it cadence.

Many people find their passport photos unflattering or off the mark but the camera lens usually tells the truth no matter how much we want to question its results.

In this day and age it only makes sense to have your passport updated on a regular basis even if you have no immediate future plans to travel abroad.

Doing this periodic update will ensure that your travel plans will not be complicated by issues at another country’s point of entry.  – gc


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