Please tighten “all” those lug nuts!




“Safety and comfort comes with complacency, and that’s never a good place to be working from.” — Elijah Wood

A  M A T T E R  O F  D R I V I N G  S A F E T Y 

This week’s word prompt on Susan and my alternate site is “Baffling“. This is another contribution to the cause. It deals with auto safety and dealing with loose wheel lug nuts.

A “lug nut” or “wheel nut” is a fastener, specifically a nut, used to secure a wheel on a vehicle. Typically, lug nuts are found on automobiles, trucks (lorries), and other large vehicles using rubber tires.. When they get loose there is a good chance that your wheel could be in jeopardy.

In early February I had an oil change and tire rotation at my automobile dealership. The car was due for an oil change and the tire spin was part of a winter package deal.

When the work on my car was completed a courtesy van picked me up at my residence and dropped me off at the service entrance bay door. I waited my turn in line to pay the cashier.

As I was using my credit card to pay for the charges the female handling the transaction blurted something out which I did not understand. What she said was difficult to interpret as I was concentrating on paying the bill with my credit card. Tough to concentrate on two things at the same bloody time.

While she was handing me the receipt I asked her to repeat what she had previously mentioned to me. She replied that I was to drive the car for about 60 miles and then return and have the wheel lug nuts tightened at the end of that period of time.

There was no other explanation offered to me at that time. I thought that was unusual but did as she suggested. I assumed that the extremely cold weather or the additional fact that I had my tires filled with nitrogen could have been the reason for the return visit.

Today I returned to the dealership to have that operation competed. There was no  charge for this and I watched as the female attendant skilfully removed the hub caps and then tightened four of the five lug nuts per wheel. There are five per wheel.

Out of my own ignorance I asked her why was she was not tightening all the lug nuts. She said she needed the wheel lock to do that properly. I told her I had them in the trunk of the car and popped the trunk to get her the locks.

She then proceeded to tighten all the wheel nuts properly.

I asked her about her actions and wondered if the fifth wheel nut needed to be tightened . “It does not really matter” she said. She added that this was part of the company’s safety check and a standard procedure.

I was very relieved I asked her that question. I would have had nightmares of the wheels leaving the chassis if I did not ask.

I am always baffled by other people’s attitudes towards safety. 

Their less than professional safety practices could prove disastrous for their customers.

Sometime being a worry wart pays off. — gc


Word Prompt Baffling


  1. You were wise to question her actions. I would have stood there and talked about her job, passing the time of day. I wouldn’t even have noticed what she was doing.

    Now had that been a computer I would probably have had the back off ready and waiting and watched her every move! 🙂

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  2. That’s a little scarey. I just assume they tighten all of them but then my hubcap fell off while I was driving yesterday. Reading this, I have to be wondering because I didn’t check them when they put the tire on.

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    • I think we are al guilty of assuming that people who offer us their services ( mechanics, dentists, hair stylist, exercise coaches) have out best interest at heart. We transfer our own attitudes to them since we are paying them, But it is better to pay attention to what someone is doing than socializing with them and receiving unexpected results.

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      • I don’t really socialize either. I wait in the waiting room reading a book generally so I wouldn’t have even seen what kind of job they did.

        Like you said, we just assume as they are the “experts”, they are good at their job and that doesn’t mean it’s true or they may be having a bad day (like someone in their family went into the hospital) so their mind isn’t as focused as usual. Could be anything.

        A little paranoia goes a long way in keeping a person safe.

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        • This lug nut adjustment s a “freebie” and did not require that I make a special appointment. The female attendant who helped me was the only person n the service dock and I waited five minutes until she finished her paperwork before she assisted with the adjustment. I thought it would have been standard procedure to ask for the car’s wheel key to do the job correctly. As you said a little paranoia goes a long way to ensure safety. 🙂

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