Baffled by memory foam mattress



“Though sleep is called our best friend, it is a friend who often keeps us waiting!”  —  Jules Verne.

N O T  T H E  B E S T  C H O I C E   F O R  Y O U R  M O N E Y 

This week’s Word Prompt on Susan and my alternate site “Weekly Prompts” is BAFFLING. It is a word open to much interpretation. For me I am baffled about the questionable quality , safety and long-term life cycle of the product.

I purchased such a mattress a few years ago from the now defunct retail outlet Sears at a one half off sale price. The huge dollar discount reduction blinded me to the fact that this item might not have been selling all that well.

The salesperson was patient and explained the many characteristics of the mattress except for one very important consideration: the mattress does conform to the shape of the person laying top it but after a small amount of time this body image is embedded in the material and makes it more of a liability than an asset.

You cannot flip the mattress because the underside is actually the base. Turning it around only compounds the problem because you are now laying upon something that is misshapen and about as cratered and inhospitable as the surface of the moon.

In my search for a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep I compromised common consumer sense and bought the advertising hype lock, stock and barrel.

My goal now is to purchase a new and “normal” mattress that offers a firm and comfortable place to sleep. 

If you are considering purchasing such a mattress I would advise against it.

Check out your options for a mattress that is less high tech but more in line with getting the  good night’s rest you deserve. – gc


Word Prompt Baffling



  1. We’ve had this conversation before and I sympathise.
    As you know I chose my mattress because of ongoing back problems. I chose a mattress that was used for athletes with back problems, specially developed medical foam. I do find if I don’t turn it regularly my back pain kicks off again. By turn I mean right bottom of mattress becomes top left. No flip side here either. Perhaps the unturned mattress is not the fault of my back pain, but I do it anyway! 🙂

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    • Yes you and I have had this discussion on numerous occasions.
      Is your mattress a “memory foam” and if it is you also realize that turning the bloody thing around does not get rid of the human imprint on its surface. It is an indelible impression.

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      • No love it is not. It’s another type of foam that eventually goes back into shape. I read recently that the newer memory foam products do go back into shape if turned regularly.

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          • Yes please do continue in your search. I think a well established bed specialist such as a family firm are much better placed to advise than a department store or bed store that changes staff regularly. Real specialists know their stuff some advise that you try having a nap, stay a while read a book get to know the mattress, I kid you not!

            Years ago I had a mattress specially made for me. It was the most comfortable ever. Mattress should have a layer that is soft and comforting followed by support.

            Firm and orthopaedic are a definite NO. Very bad for back sufferers. Next time you shop for the mattress try nonchalantly asking how long the sales assistant has worked there, ask how much training they’ve had. Think about it!

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    • I visited a mattress store recently. I roamed about the store and noticed that a good number of their floor models were memory foam. One salesperson suggested that I could perhaps purchase a “pillow top” cover for the mattress. But then I asked if the bed I now have is queen size would I need to buy King sized mattress covers and sheets. And if I did buy such a topper I would need a step ladder to get into bed. 🙂

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      • That is funny about the step ladder.But if that kind of topper works it might be worth it and you might need up with an amazing bed.

        We have actually had a “foam topper” on our pillow top mattress for years and love the set up – a lot.

        And my FIL just got an adjustable bed that is all Memory foam and he is liking it a lot (he is retired and is in it a lot) and I have not read the comments here but skimmed a few and think that I agree not all foam
        mattresses are created equal

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