Sometimes we assume too much



“We never look beyond our assumptions and what’s worse, we have given up trying to meet others; we just meet ourselves.” ― Muriel Barbery

A  S I G N  O F  T H E  T I M E S 

In this information age we all are forced to make assumptions about things. Some are good. Others not so good. Still others have no bearing to reality in our logical world. Many times the assumptions many folks offer in all seriousness and candor cause us to scratch our heads in disbelief.

Using a washing machine, cell phone, vacuum cleaner , automated teller machine (ATM) or even a low tech washing machine could be categorized as child’s play for the majority of people in our society. For others,  it is a baffling and confusing situation for which they need assistance.

When someone asks us for help in using any of these conveniences we are taken aback and ask ourselves how these folks have existed in our culture for so long.

This week’s word challenge on Susan and my alternate website, “Weekly Prompts”,  is “Assuming. This is my take on the topic.

A case in point: A new washing machine and two dryers are being installed in every laundry room for this rental site. The machines’ electronic card readers have not as yet been calibrated. Therefore one can logically assume that the machines are not ready for service. Wrong.

Last week the resident manager placed a note in each tenant’s door informing them that the laundry room would be off-limits until Thursday. She assumed that the note would suffice. Wrong.

Thirty minutes ago a confused and frustrated female resident knocked on my door asking me to help her figure out the new machines. She had paid for the washing machine with her electronic card and wondered what she did wrong.

The answer was simple. She did not read the note that was placed on her door prior to the installation of the machines. She was on her cell phone asking the manageress for assistance. and guidance as to what she should do.

Somehow the washing machine seemed to work for her. The water was filling the machine and fortunately her laundry was not inside it. A good thing. The down side to the incident: she was charged ten dollars for a two dollar wash cycle.

The woman was frantic. She told me that Tuesday and Wednesday were her only two days to do laundry. She asked what she should do. I told her without snickering ,”Wait until Thursday this week or go to a nearby laundromat this time.”

I chatted with the manageress and told her that I placed a “DO NOT USE LAUNDRY UNTIL THURSDAY” note on the door. She thought the note she sent was adequate. I assured her it was not.

Ours is a multi cultural site and people who live here do not really understand the language. She assumed they did. The young woman using the machine said that she did not receive such a note. Uh huh.

I once observed another tenant trying to update an electronic laundry card by placing a ten-dollar bill in the reader section of the machine and wondering why the bill did not work. It happens folks.

I should mention that the new machines offer residents the “convenience” of not having to use a laundry card. They now have the option of using their cell phone to update their laundry amounts. This might increase the amount of human traffic knocking on my suite’s door asking me for assistance.

And I have to admit the directions posted on the supplier’s information charts would confuse the most experienced cryptographer. 

By the way I spoke with the site manageress this morning and asked if she was aware that the new machines were Wi Fi compliant. She told me this was the first she knew of it but would get back to me as soon as possible. I am sure she will.

Life is filled with such moments of assuming.  These just happen to be many such moments bunched up into a big ball of spaghetti.

Oh well such things do happen here a lot.  – gc


Word Prompt Assuming




    • I assume paying with a phone App is an alternative way of payment.

      It would be impossible to make it compulsory, so I think the WiFi payment idea is a good convenient option if one has a Smart phone.

      It’s similar to using a phone App to pay for a bus or train journey or engage in online banking.

      Just so long as the tenants realise it’s simply an option there shouldn’t be any problems.

      Liked by 1 person

    • So true Lisa. There is a silent majority because rely folks don’t understand what they have either read or heard. Silence is both golden and ego protecting.


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