Fencing in a quiet conversation



“Anytime you see a turtle up on top of a fence post, you know he had some help.” ― Alex Haley

A  P R I V A T E   C H A T  A N D  C I G A R E T T E

This week’s photo challengeFenceson Susan and my alternate website “Weekly Prompts” had me baffled. I told her that my collection of stock photos could not meet the challenge.

With her encouragement and support I put on my scarf, mittens and winter jacket and ventured out in the Minus 25 Celsius degree weather  in search of an appropriate photograph.

After a brief bit of time prowling the streets I happened upon these two guys sharing a quiet chat and a quick smoke. They found a momentary shelter from the cold and blustery wind.

In my scenario the yellow and black guard railing serves the same purpose of an actual picket, concrete or steel wall. It sheltered the two men and in effect shielded their conversation from public scrutiny and prying.

The railing might not be as dramatic as the Wall of China but it did serve the purpose of offering a meeting place for these folks.  -gc


Photo Challenge Fences



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