Get energized with simple exercise

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air, and exercise.” — Thomas Edison

This week’s word prompt on Susan and my alternate site “Weekly Prompts” is Energetic. We ask you how do you personally rev up your spirits during the long and cold winter months?

For myself I have used the above indoor exercise machine to not only keep in shape but also boost my spirits when I notice the winter blues robbing me of my energy and optimism.

This piece of exercise equipment ( by Tony Little Gazelle) is light, compact, portable and does not place undue stress on your knees and feet.

It can be used as an indoor-outdoor machine ( weather permitting o course) and can be stowed away easily in a closet or under a bed.

This has been my favorite way to stay in shape and not jeopardize my physical well-being. You can use it as often as you like and after your first simple work out you feel great.

This is how I boost up not only my energy level but my spirits. –gc


Word Prompt Energetic


  1. Oh wow – had no idea Edison said that – too bad he was wrong for the mainstream physicians – they are prescription writers – symptoms managers and are too quick to slice into people before even asking about food choices and exercise –
    Sad but true
    And glad you found the machine that helps you stay fit

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    • It helps me stay fit both physically and mentally. I guess Edison did not count on the medical profession and major pharmaceutical firms forming an unholy alliance. I guess he was thinking more of a Walden Pond situation. Thanks for your comments. Always appreciated. “_

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      • Yes – and there are some people who are doing what Edison predicted – but we often make way less money and have an uphill battle

        But we coaches and NP and counselors who suggest exercise – laughter – sunshine – and nutrient dense food (and sometimes supplements for years until the body is restored ) well we have to combat brainwashing

        And not sure if you heard of functional medicine but they have a good thing going.

        And I will keep your machine in mind for options – because it really is a matter of finding the right thing for motivation and help

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        • Battling brainwashing on any and all levels is a daunting, herculean task but the rewards of changing even a few minds is worth the effort.

          If it helps I am over 70 tears old, not obese, take a vitamin for my macular degeneration and do not take any other meds.

          My exercise machine has been with me for a number of years and for me at least is worth its weight in gold. ( The machine itself is not expensive!)

          Feeling good for me without the use of medications has become a lifestyle. 🙂

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          • Oh GC – that is awesome – and it said 70 “tears” old – typo but also maybe a Freudian slip – tears – get it – “life be hard at times”

            And I was a thick headed know it all and assumed all vitamins were waste of money. But they rescued me and still help me restore health.

            I hope to be off vitamins and minerals and glandulars in about five years but for now – I thank God every day because I got to root causes !!

            And allopathic care just treats symptoms with delusions and ignorance to cleansing and the body healing itself

            And I just started using a kettle ball for small workouts – but yoga has been my big helper.
            And even with your machine – it still takes consistency on your part

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            • First of all good catch on my Freudian “tears for years” comment. Glad you caught that one.:)

              I used to use the “kettle ball” and also tried Tai Chi. All are worth investigating. I really enjoy the exercise workout the “Gazelle Glider” offers me. Sometimes I am inspired to use it two or three times in the same day ( evenly spaced of course.).

              You do need to be persistent and committed to do the workout everyday or as close to everyday as possible. Sometimes I slip up and forget a day but the desire is still there to stay healthy.

              I applaud you in your efforts to stay healthy and hope you will achieve your goals.

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    • Oh dear, I have to disagree with the generalisation Prior. This sad situation is not the same the world over. I am assuming you are American because of the nature of your comments.

      Your country does indeed have a reputation of being money orientated, especially within the area of Medicine. Patient care appears to take a rear seat.

      Those medics who work within a good health service do indeed put patient care and needs (wherever possible) above making and indeed saving money.

      I have nothing but praise for the health service in the U.K. Those of us around the world who are lucky enough to live in a country with high class free health care would agree.

      There are times during winter months when our health service is stretched to the limits, but despite this, none of us would swap to the kind of health system you describe.

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      • Well said Susan.. Understanding the highs and lows of another country’s health care system with all its shortcomings and benefits might encourage one to lobby for a system that is more patient oriented.

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        • I think we’re all guilty of a little generalisation at times. We often forget there’s a much wider world out there besides our own and where things are run very differently.


          • So very true Susan. The proximity of the United States to Canada and this country’s “health care for all ” policy is affecting the way the citizen’s of the U. S. are beginning to realize that there is a better way to handle their health issues.

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    • Thank you Lois from Susan and myself. Too many people I know get too sluggish in the winter months and this gets them depressed and sad. I like the indoor nature of the workout. No dogs chasing you. Rainy days are never a worry. And I can watch my favorite tv shows while boosting my metabolism. 🙂

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