Just “junk” or “rare” collectible?



“I have learned the junk equation. Junk is not, like alcohol or weed, a means of increased enjoyment of life. Junk is not a kick. It is a way of life.” ― William S. Burroughs

J U N K  –  N O  M A T T E R  H O W   I T ‘ S  P A C K A G E D

Are you one of those people who are trying to justify the fact that all the personal “junk” ( stuff , collectibles, memorabilia) you have stored up in the attic or in the two-car garage will someday become a valuable artifact?

If this is not you then there is a good chance you know someone who loves to hoard and protect a host of material that by anyone’s standard has no intrinsic value to anyone but the avid collector.

Unbeknownst to my partner and blogging colleague Susan I enjoy visiting garage sales, estate sales , and the occasional flea market.

People flock to these events hoping to find the next Rosetta Stone and obtain it at a reasonable price. Sellers of these “bargain” items are shrewd and hope their interested buyer will get caught up in the hype of the moment and part easily with their cash.

I have noticed that a curious public has no idea of the worth of any item being sold by an anxious “junk” holder. Many check the classified section of their newspapers to keep up to date with the next sale.

A majority of the material presented at garage sales has some immediate, utilitarian value and at an estate sale you could find a rare out of print book, long-lost painting by an obscure artist or household item that does have some type of historical and not hysterical value.

People at times are akin to pack rats and are more than ready to show a curious onlooker (or relative) the amount of “junk” they have collected over the years. The willing buyer may also be a hoarder and more than ready to add this find to their stash.

Our personal junk at times might offer some pleasant memories of times gone by but looked at realistically our personal “stuff” can be  a nuisance.

Take the time to evaluate your “collectibles” with a discerning eye and then decide to rid yourself of all this clutter in your life.

Remember that less is more and that the more junk you have the less freedom you have to get ride of it. — gc











  1. We don’t have garage sales here, though I have heard of them happening at your side and assumed that someone sells their unwanted belongings inside their garage. I imagine that most people wouldn’t want criticism about their own goods, so I think that’s one of the reasons why they don’t happen here and of course there is that English pride or perhaps it’s snobbery, you know, standards to be upheld etc, so most of us would rather take to a charity shop or have them collected.


    • In many instances I have witnessed Susan the items many folks are trying to foist on the buying public should be drawn, quartered and then buried deep in the earth. On the other hand dear British sensibility does win out over seller brashness.:. Good show! 🙂

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      • In the summer we have lots of car “boot sales” where a parking space in someone’s field is rented and bric a brac and other items are sold from the boot of a car.

        To find a bargain you need to be up very early, they begin selling before 06:00 AM. Churches hold jumble sales a couple of times a year, they mostly sell unwanted clothing. The churches in my area do extremely well out of it. People travel here from the other side of the city.

        Every high street has its share of charity shops run by charities such as ‘Cancer Research’, ‘British Heart Foundation’ and numerous others. I donate my unwanted clothing, handbags (I have plenty of these) to one or other of them.

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        • When you used the term “boot sales” I thought you were referring to a shoe and boot sale. Now I know what you meant to say. A person needs to arrive at a site early as you say to take advantage of any possible bargain that may be there. Charitable donations do financially assist these agencies needing help. Thanks for you comments Susan. As always they are greatly appreciated. xxx

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    • Clothing that you have not worn in years should either be given to charity or chucked in the trash bin. Once a year I discover items jackets, shoes and other paraphernalia that I had totally forgotten about. Part of the aging process I guess. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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