Is “truth” an evolving concept?



“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” —   Charles Spurgeon.

George Washington’s truth was a simple truth and as society progressed we have seen it change into something that defies logic, slurs morality, is open to manipulation and sadly could lead the world into an unplanned nuclear confrontation and eventual annihilation.

The sad truth is that no one in power recognizes it anymore.

And that is the state of human affairs today. -gc


  1. So true.. Even tho I am anti Trump and for Brexit I still don’t believe anything I hear about Trump nor non Brixiteers.

    If we all stood back and searched for truth not just what we want to believe to further our cause we might be able to wade in a little.

    Bell Pottinger Gupta was paid to spread lies and further create dissension among the races in South Africa, This is fact… This is happening all over the world.

    George Washington would be aghast to see that social media has confirmed his predictions and magnified it over 1000 fold.. too sad really


    • In much simpler times politicians blushed when they attempted to fudge the truth.Today they hide their deceptions behind a series of faceless and inflammatory tweets. Sadly, a sign of the times I guess.


  2. I often wonder about our world leaders and find myself asking why so many of them are immoral, cruel and controlling.

    I find Donald Trump’s slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ quite worrying and even more so when I see this head of state wearing that silly little red cap.

    Greater than what? Greater than everyone else? Better than everyone else?

    Why this need to dominate and control?


    • All of your observations Susan are valid and insightful as they usually are love. 🙂

      Now for some of my more unorthodox answers to your questions.:

      (1) Chairman Mao had his “little red book” so it naturally follow that Trump would want people to relate his “silly little” hat to the chairman’s political bible. Remember that Trump admires strong and ruthless men. It is a matter of political clout by association.

      (2) His wanting to “dominate” might be a sexual thing. He allegedly likes to have his plump bottom spanked with rolled up magazines so it goes to follow that he might secretly believe that the rest of humanity shares his fetish. Not.

      (3) He wants to make America great again because ge never was much of anything but a whining young man with bone spurs that prevented him from ever achieving greatness on his own.

      (4) On the more bizarre side Susan he might view himself as part of a great political triumverate similar to the one shared by Caesar, Crassus and Pompey.Perhaps he sees this alliance of himself, Putin and Kim as a Third Alliance destined to make the world great again. But hitory has proven that the alliance of Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and the emperor of Japan also harbored such great dreams and schemes.

      We all need to remember that bone spurs can affect a person’s ability to perform not only in the bedroom but on the world stage as well. 🙂


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