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Are you taking responsibility for your own health during flu season or are you hoping that the flu virus will pass you by? – gc

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“What I find most disturbing about Valentine’s Day is, look, I get that you have to have a holiday of love, but in the height of flu season, it makes no sense.” —  Lewis Black

A R E  Y O U  P L A Y I N G  T H E  O D D S?

According to my very rough calculations the flu season is half done and that means (theoretically at least) that if you have not had your flu shot and are playing the odds in favor of you not contracting the virus, your chances are getting slimmer every day.

Many folks that I know and family members as well, tell me that they “do not believe in getting a flu shot”. I try to assure them that getting immunized is not a matter of their personal belief set but a fact of life.

Contagious germs and viruses…

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