Whose responsibility is it?



My partner Susan presents a very convincing argument as to why you should get that flu shot if you have not done so. A good and informative read. – gc

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

The flu virus is very unpredictible how it begins and how it takes off.” ~ Harvey V Fineberg

The midweek word-prompt from Weekly Prompts, the site I share with my partner GC is Flu Shot, though at my side of the pond we would say flu jab or vaccination!

Many people, are in favour of having the annual flu shot/jab whilst others, including some of our family members are against it, so we asked our readers for their opinions .

GC and I had our flu jabs in the autumn, and we’ve also had the pneumonia vaccine, (lifespan of ten years), in addition, last year I received the Shingles vaccine and considering the number of small children in my family I think it was a wise move.

This flu season I had my flu jab at the end of September, and a few days later I became…

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