Was it madness or brinkmanship?



“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.” Groucho Marx

United States furloughed federal employees four days ago patiently stand in long lineups waiting their turn to receive food handouts while the government was closed. Lineups similar to the ones seen during the Great Depression. Is this how President Trump is making America great again?

T H I S  I S  H O W  T R U M P  D O E S  T H I N G S

Brinkmanship is defined as  the art or practice of pushing a dangerous situation or confrontation to the limit of safety especially to force a desired outcome. It is usually employed as a deterrent in a nuclear arms confrontation.

U. S. President Trump has expanded this definition to meet his own ends. If he had the wisdom and the experience he would not have drawn a line in the sand and dared his own country to cross it at their own peril.

As it happened he reportedly had no real battle plan to win the confrontation with the Democrats and was forced to back down due to public safety issues as air traffic controllers were overwhelmed with the traffic and lack of people reporting to their stations for work.

The country was given a temporary reprieve when Trump opened the government again at least for the next twenty-one days. His ego was bruised but the country is once again relatively safe.

Mr. Trump lacks the finesse and the aplomb to handle any type of brinkmanship scenario.

Dumb luck and a persistent and insistent Nancy Pelosi forced him to backdown and reopen government at least in the short-term.

What happens after that is left in the hands of the more experienced and capable politicians who theoretically know what they are doing. — GC


  1. Reblogged this on Nan's Farm-Inside Out and commented:
    A few days ago my partner GC and I created side by side posts that outlined the political unrest, division, turmoil and similarities between America and the U.K. GC’s article was one of a number of articles, published this week that have focused upon President Trump’s Government shutdown.
    Today, a blogging friend and colleague commented to me “I think there there is a touch of WSC circa 1933 about GC”
    Comparing Gerry’s articles to Churchill’s warnings, is a fine compliment!
    The remark prompted me to re-blog Gerry’s latest Trump article.


  2. Unfortunately, you only know what the liberal media wants you to know.

    Every President in recent history has done the same thing , even Obama who did it to push through his disasterous and expensive “Obama Care”. There was no reports of soup lines then and today, it’s all for show.

    Everything that the President is asking for is less than the Democrats offered to give before. They are obstructing the government and hurting some federal employees because they refuse to give Trump a “win”.

    I have also read articles that illustrate that federal employees get paid significantly more than someone doing the same job in the private sector, but they are whining little babies.

    President Trump is doing exactly what I helped vote him in to do… protect our nation and to clean up the corruption in government.

    I don’t know much about your leaders, but Trump is playing chess while Pelosi and Schumer play tidliwinks.

    Time will tell if I’m correct or not.

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    • I think that a great many of the president’s ardent supporters do not yet realize that the man is an outright carpet bagger and will throw his devotees under the bus when and if his own position could or would be compromised.

      Trump has not really cleaned up the “corruption” in government. In fact he has imported his own brand of persuasion and truth manipulation to not lose his voter base.

      He is an “expert” media manipulator and apparently has mesmerized the entire staff at Fox News to be his political advocate. He and Adolph Hitler know how to use the media to their advantage and that is the only way this master con man maintains his “no collusion” claims.

      This master of deflection and sleight of hand manipulator would not know how to play a strategical game of chess because you have to take the time to learn the moves, have patience with yourself and others .Remember it is reported that he gets bored easily , lies a lot and is a bit paranoid. That sounds like Hitler to me.

      Nancy Pelosi is the real political strategist while Trump would be totally baffled by even the simplest game of tiddlywinks. He would ask someone “should I tiddly or wink with that one?”

      Remember he is the same man who is unable to close an umbrella.

      History will prove that this “snake oil” salesman pulled the wool over his own supporters to gain the respect and admiration from a few foreign oligarchs.

      The motto “United we stand” is meant to unify the country and not win your way into the hearts of foreign rulers hostile to the United States.

      The facts are s[eking for themselves and even members of Trump own party are beginning to question the wisdom and the sanity of his decision.

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  3. Queuing for food handouts?

    They’ve only been without pay for a couple of weeks, are they that careless with their wages/salaries when they do have them that they blow the lot straight away? Rubbish?

    Is this a GOP propaganda stunt which they’ll blame on the Democrats. big business paying these people to stand in line?

    Wheres my bookie when I need him?

    Something doesn’t ring true to me; but then again I’m English and I’m old.

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    • We “old folks” have to forgive the younger generation. A majority of them truly do not appreciate the value of a dollar and indeed do “blow” their salaries on the latest conveniences and gadgets. Others are strapped for cash because they are the “sole” bread winner in the family and have to shoulder more responsibilities than their more fortunate co workers.

      Caring for their elderly parents, child care expenses, costs of medications all take their toll on even the most frugal and penny pinching of people.

      I doubt if any of the GOP would have spent the cash to hire these folks to stand in line. They are waiting until the next big shut down ( circa 21 days) when the s**t will really hit proverbial fan and cause them too to pound the pavement looking for their own financial angels.

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      • Makes sense when I realize the cost of medications in the good ol’ US of A, Here in our socialist inspired Australia we have a medicare system that works,

        For the normal non senior I think around $40 is the max they pay for every script from the chemist, Seniors & pensioners pay max $5.60 and our Medibank System is second to none.

        It’s far better than world class cos world class when it comes to medicine is a figment of the imagination and or false advertising of the right wing pollies!

        I’m a left wing card carrying member of the ALP!

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        • “World Class” is truly a figment of many folks imagination. Look at the way Trump’s over indulgent imagination has not only flattered his ego but also put the rest of humanity on the alert. He is a card carrying dreamer for sure.

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        • Seniors in England pay nothing for scripts. I imagine we’ve all paid enough in taxes. My husband certainly did.

          Lately our health service has suffered under the winter strain. Alcoholism in the young, binge drinking and drugs are also eating up National Health Service resources. And dare I say, some of us “oldies” are living longer!

          I think WP should come with a conversion chart which would pop up pop up every time someone speaks of their monetary system because mostly the value means nothing to the rest of us. Just an observation!

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          • Your observations are quite valid Susan. Keep on observing. I think the notion that Word Press would crate and supply such a conversion cart for free is something I do not think they would even consider. Remember this is the same WP that abandoned their followers last year and left them to the wolves. Nice try though. xx

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    • I think for the moment I will forgo placing a halo on the head of the current president of the United States. He might be history’s most misunderstood bumbler who is finding himself in a situation he cannot control because life is beyond human interference. His wall is a flaccid memorial to a man who himself was intellectually barren.

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