Prez messing around with reality



“Donald Trump is a “clown” who does not understand how government works…Clowns can do a lot of damage.”-  Christian Bale

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stated that unpaid Federal workers should take out loans until they get paid rather than going to food banks.

Ross further added insult to injury by also saying they “should be able to go to credit unions and pay “a little bit of interest” to obtain bridging finance during the shutdown.”

“The idea that it’s pay cheque or zero is not a really valid idea. There’s no reason why some institution would not be willing to lend.”

Spoken like a true billionaire. His interest in the situation is totally monetary. These folks are already suffering due to the shut down. Why should they incur additional financial burdens in order to survive?

Is there really any logic to this man’s way of thinking or is he really as daft as Trump is to suggest such an outrageous idea? 

I suppose this is the modern-day interpretation of Marie Antoinette’s alleged comment of “let them eat cake”. 

This noblesse oblige attitude is appalling in this day and age. 

I suppose Melania Trump’s “I really don’t care, do you” inscription printed on the back of her jacket sums up nicely the current attitude in the oval office. -gc




    • Very true. I think Trump will give his State of the Union address from Moscow and discuss the state of the Soviet Union. Dictatorial types crave the limelight and the adulation of their equals.


  1. What an outrageous idea! Loans?

    Why on earth should these people take out loans to pay for President Trump’s stubbornness?

    I’ve read comments from people who blame both sides for not finding a compromise.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t one to be had. For Trump It’s the wall or nothing.

    The blame for this sorry situation lies at the gold plated door of one man, a man who could turn this situation around in a moment if he would for just one second begin to think about those people whose salaries are being withheld because of his ludicrous single-minded quest to build a border wall. Shame on him!

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    • There was a rumor circulating that Trump before his election was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for being a Russian operative. The notion at the time seemed absurd. How could a man who made his fortune in the land opportunity ever consider betraying his own country was the circulating query of the day.

      Today this same nationalist has destroyed the country that made him wealthy. In return he has turned the land of the home and the free into a third world giant replete with political intrigue, political meandering and general hostility.

      This man’s billionaire brain trust has invested in their own wealth and self interest and let the rest of the hard working peoples to fend for themselves. Taking out the short term loan would only line the pockets of the indifferent carpetbaggers now running the country into the ground.

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