Patience needed to do this task



Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” – Napoleon Hill..

How observant a shopper were you this past holiday season as far as detecting the authenticity of the “gingerbread house” displays that decorated many neighborhood bakery departments? Could you spot a real one from a “faux”?

According to Allan Meneer the bakery department manager of a west end Edmonton Safeway store behind its creation many baker’s are losing the art of building “real” gingerbread houses.

He explained “it’s easier to use a thick dark brown colored cardboard as a template base and paste decorations on the assembly itself minus the gingerbread.”

“It’s actually becoming a lost art as many bakers these days choose to use darker colored cardboard instead of the real thing” he said.

Although his initial construct (1) is a cardboard construct he does bake , assemble and affix the gingerbread pieces used in the process.

A type of thick vanilla icing is used (2) to hold and cement the many differing pieces used in the housing project.

Frames (3) to (5) offer differing angle of completion while (6) is the finished product proudly perched as a store display.

The house measures  24 inches down the roof crest by 20 inches wide. The total weight of the house was 50 pounds and the board used to hold it measured 24 inches by 36 Inches.

The display had been in the store for the entire month of December and Meneer added that the managers were enthusiastic about its being constructed and prominently displayed in the store’s bakery department.

“If someone offered me $200 for the house I would have sold it and donated the money to a children’s Christmas charity” he said.

The quality of the structure had been compromised during the month of December by dust and other considerations and so the opportunity to raffle the house to interested customers was not a consideration.

A tip of the hat to Mr. Meneer who has maintained the baking tradition of making his creation authentic.

His dedication to his baking craft is appreciated.  –gc



Word Prompt Patience












  1. I have never been able to make one – even from the kit with the ginger bread already made. It’s sad. But it tasted good anyway. I admire the places where they have huge ones on display. That’s amazing.

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  2. I loved the way you followed through on seeing the baker’s this big build to its completion, it fascinated you didn’t it. If I built one would be it wouldn’t last long I’d be eating the sweets (candy) 🙂

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  3. Rather strangely to comply with political correctness it has been suggested that should you have built a gingerbread house, be it real or fake there is now some dilemma as to who would live there.

    One is not allowed to populate the house with gingerbread men as in the old days but must instead place gingerbread people.

    I have to admit that in all my time having eaten a few gingerbread men I have never actually seen any genitalia on any of them.

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    • I think there is an unwritten code in gingerbread land that a male wishing to inhabit such a construct must undergo a vasectomy and forgo his right to procreation. It is interesting though that in the tale of Hansel and Gretel a mean and cannibalistic witch took up residency there. SO much for gender equality I guess.

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    • Good one Joe!

      Did you know? There are templates available for whole gingerbread families, but I have to agree that I too have never seen genitalia on Gingerbread people.

      Now, after giving this subject the deep thought it deserves, I have come to the conclusion that seeing as so many women are asking to be treated as men, this is probably not far off the mark! 😂

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