An eerie wintry shade of green



“Desire is like fog on a bathroom mirror — its presence incites you to wipe the mirror, and see yourself clearly again.” ― Vera Nazarian.

F I F T Y   S H A D E S  O F  G R E E N

This week’s challenge on Susan and my alternative website ( involves the color GREEN.

Some hues of the color are vibrant and symbolize life, health and growth. Other tones are more subdued and stimulate not only a person’s imagination but also evoke the more ethereal and darker side of life.

This photo was taken in late November before the snow had actually taken control of the environment and merely placed a light layering of snow, fog and hoarfrost over the still green shrubbery.

The “real” world was immediately transformed into an alternate reality where anything can happen with the right amount of playful imagination. –  gc 



Photo Challenge Green


  1. Stimulates mine – My playful imagination expects a ghostly apparition to appear from the undergrowth at any moment!
    I’m delighted you finally found what you were looking for! 👻


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