Twas the night before Xmas Eve



“Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice.” – Dave Barry.

I N T O   T H E   S P I R I T  OF  C H R I S T M A S

If you really want to get a “behind the scenes” sense of what the evening before Christmas Eve is all about do what I did last night ( the day before that magical eve) and take a stroll through your local supermarket.

I usually purchase my pumpkin pie early in the morning on Christmas Eve with the hopes that I will arrive  at the store early enough to avoid the hordes of last-minute, panicked shoppers who realize yet again they need just one more item to make their Christmas meal a complete success.

But the real story here involves those harried store personnel who the evening before are checking their lists for pumpkin pies, puddings, chips and dairy products that will make meet and exceed the demands of shoppers.

My friend Luke ( photo above) works at a Safeway outlet in Edmonton West and has his own method of easing the angst of  shoppers by not only wearing festive attire but also helping customers who are uncertain as to where the things they are searching for are located in the store.

His approach is novel but at the same time promotes a sense of goodwill for customers shopping at the store.

In a number of hours the 2018 Christmas shopping season will be over and in a few more hours after that the children will be tucked into bed, the presents will be wrapped nd carefully placed under the tree and the glasses of rum and eggnog will be shared by grateful parents who realize and now appreciate the fact that it was a very good year after all.

If you have postponed your own shopping plans until the last few hours in the hopes of discovering bargains I wish you the very best.

To the rest of you I wish you and yours a very happy, enjoyable and safe Christmas.

Yes Susan this was another Advent article. Trying to not write about it is as difficult as having only one slice of pumpkin pie. For me that is totally impossible.  —  :))  gc







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