Optimistic side of the season


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” — Helen Keller

M A K I N G  T H I N G S  A  B I T  S A F E R 


As I mentioned in an earlier article residents are allowed to smoke marijuana in their suites but ONLY if they have a valid medical card entitling them to do so. This is a family oriented complex and the health and safety of all family members are taken into consideration. Converting the laundry room into a personal ICU to get high is not allowed. – gc

To most folks having a smoke alarm in their living space makes sense from both an economic and personal safety perspective. But what happens when that space is an unlocked laundry room frequented by party people who like to light up their joints and get high? Until recently nothing.

I have had an almost three-week struggle with the management team in convincing them to install such a device in the laundry room kitty corner to my living quarters.

Thick clouds of white, acrid smelling smoke had belched out from the laundry room on the weekends and the only way I knew anything was happening occurred when the aroma wafted across the narrow hallway and entered my suite.

If you look at the photo you will observe that there was an air exhaust fan installed on the wall but somehow the party people did not think or did not want to eject the smoke from the room.

After almost two and one half weeks of phone calls, emails and pleading I was pleasantly surprised this past Tuesday morning when I entered the laundry room and noticed a newly installed smoke alarm on the ceiling.

This act of “generosity” on the part of the folks managing the site provided only one half of my safety recommendation. The placement of a lock on that room’s door would complete the deal.

When the security guard visited my unit he agreed that putting a lock on the door to the laundry facility was a great idea. He told me that the management company’s other rental sites have such a lock in place. He also added that when he wrote up his incident report he too would heartily suggest placing a lock on that room’s door.

Now it is a waiting game. The smoke alarm might act as a deterrent but to complete the deal the door should have a lock added to it. If such incidents happen after that then it can be assumed that residents are responsible.-  gc

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Yes , Susan there is a Santa Claus!  gc


Word Prompt – Optimism





    • Thank you Susan. I think the alarm itself has a two fold function:(1) pacify me and (2) test the smoky waters to actually determine IF the lock on the door needs to be installed. I am not being cynical but trying to rationalize how the cost cutting, bureaucratic mind functions especially at year end when cutting costs is paramount.

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