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My blog partner and friend Susan W. has done her research and again offers proof that touch screens, touch pads and the like are actual breeding grounds for the transferral of germs and bacteria. Read this article and be enlightened. Thanks Susan for the heads up. – gc

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IllnessBack in September my friend and blogging partner, GC, wrote an article for our Weekly Prompts Word Prompt named ATM Germs.

GC voiced his concerns about contracting germs from ATM machines, and in a separate post, I backed his claims.

In response to GC’s article, one or two bloggers poo-pooed this notion. So, in view of the recent news that microbiologists in the UK have actually found traces of ‘poo’ on touch-screen machines, and considering the phrases used here I cannot help but raise a smile, a smug one!

The randomly tested machines were, in fact, customer touch screens at eight McDonald’s restaurants in London and Birmingham.

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  1. Thank you for reblogging this article and thank you also for your introductory comment.
    I’m delighted that we found evidence to back up your original concerns. 🙂


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