My very unusual week- Part 3.



“Sometimes corporate rules and regulations are so strict and demanding that the most competent and proficient employees appear to be grossly inept and incompetent.” – Anon.

Even the fictional French Detective Jacques Clouseau ( portrayed by Peter Sellers) had his moments of brilliance and insight when freed from the bureaucratic red tape of his department. – gc

Editorial Comment:

This is the third and final entry describing the unusual type of weeks I have been experiencing. This final episode  is more humorous than depressing or I am convincing myself to believe that. –  gc


Have you ever noticed how one nerve-wracking week can easily slide into the next without you ever really noticing that any amount of time has passed at all? This is the situation I have been facing.

The laundry room in my block has no lock on the door. This presents an open invitation to anyone who enters the building to do anything they want without fear of discovery or reprisal.

Recently a few “non residents” have decided to use the space as a secure area to party and smoke their cannabis. I label them as I have because tenants only are allowed to smoke the stuff “if” they have a medical card and “if” it is used for a medical condition.

I discovered the previous fact two weeks ago on Sunday morning after midnight when I detected an unusual aroma wafting into my suite. I live kitty corner to the laundry facility.

I tip toed across to the room, opened the door and as I did a huge and suffocating cloud of white smoke greeted my nostrils. I recognized the aroma and noticed that the party people had spread their ashes and cigarette butts on the floor. They did not bother to turn on the room’s air exhaust fan .

Since it was so early in the morning I decided to not report the incident to the 24/7 security office. The perpetrators had left the building and I was sleepy.

A few days passed and then on Tuesday morning (my laundry day) I opened the door to the laundry room and found myself gasping for air. A similar white cloud filed the room, ashes and cigarette butts were tossed on the floor and it appeared two people had used the room.

This time I contacted security, conveyed my displeasure and suggested that a lock be placed on the laundry room door to prevent this from happening again. The operator on the phone empathized with my plight and thought the idea was a good one. The person I spoke with assured me they would pass my idea to the on site management eam.

A site manager sent me an email later that same day informing  me that the lock on the door idea was a good one but added that the management team would have to consider implementing it.

One week later ( again my laundry day) the same scenario. This time I called the 24/7 security line and demanded that a lock be placed on the door and that a smoke alarm also be installed in the room. The smoke alarm might act as a deterrent to the partyers.

Again I received a sympathetic memo from the management team again reaffirming that my idea of both a lock and a smoke alarm on the door were practical ideas.

This time two Xeroxed memos were placed on residents doors asking them to be vigilant, not let strangers into the building and report anything unusual they might happen to notice.

This is an admirable approach to take but you must also realize not that many tenants in this block speak or read English that well. It was an attempt to placate and silence me.

The on site managers here in my opinion are paper pushers and want to maintain an imaginary status quo and promote the illusion of a quiet and respectful community . But they are deluding themselves.

Other tenants in the building are also noticing the aroma of “pot”. Many of the people have children and  are concerned about their health and safety.

It is unfortunate that some visitors to the site are converting the laundry room into their personal I.C.U. where they party hearty and let tenants clean up the mess after them.

I can only hope that bureaucratic red tape and procedure will not lead to some greater threat to the residents living here. — gc




  1. Unusual Week Part 3 !!! I think every week is unusual for you! And I see you’ve posted a photo of yourself doing a bit of sleuthing too!

    Seriously though, I hope this lastest problem is resolved soon, it’s gone on for too long, It’s become a health and safety issue, and it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a temporary occurrence.

    I can only reiterate that you regularly ask for updates on the problem, they can’t admonish you because it’s not a complaint. Who knows, you might eventually wear them down so they’ll do anything to shut you up! 🚭🚯🚷🕵🏻‍♂️ 😀


    • They have partly shut me up Susan. Yesterday the maintenance man installed a smoke detector in the laundry room. It has a loud buzzer and anyone outside the room will realize that something is amiss. The next thing to get installed is the lock for the door. Thank you for your writing, comments and support.

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