Word Prompt Neat vs Lax?

Many times in life it is essential to keep one’s house in order as my blogging partner Susan W. will attest. – gc.

Weekly Prompts

“Every time I think I have all my ducks in a row, the damn ducks waddle off in all directions.”   Anon

In the above scenario this employee of a market’s fruit and vegetable section spends a laborious amount of time ensuring that the apples under his charge are placed with their best face forward.

W O R K I N G  A N   A N G L E ?

As a consumer do you find things you purchase at the supermarket more appealing if they are lined up in a “prim and proper” fashion as opposed to not being lined up in a regimented manner?

Many shoppers would not be impressed by the fact that such care and due diligence has been paid to the things they are shopping for but focus their attention on the price , quality and service received.

How do you feel about that? Susan and…

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