Trump’s Shiff jibe appalling

Adam Shiff



“Life is all about using the full box of crayons and not just a select few.”   —Anon

Trump slams Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff in tweet, calls him ‘little Adam Schitt’. If someone maligned Melania or daughter in this manner they would be sent to the gulag for sure or maybe the first lady would issue the call to action herself.

A L L   T H E  P R E S I D E N T’ S  M E N  B A B Y S I T T I N G

Imagine this scenario if you will. On inauguration day when the successful candidate is sworn he or she is given a large box of Crayola crayons and judged on the overall performance on the colors chosen to govern the country.

In this current president’s case you readily see that he enjoy’s wrapping himself in the red, white and blue of the American flag never really acknowledging or appreciating the hard work, dedication, sacrifice and commitment the highest office in the land requires.

If you continue to explore his color preferences you will also notice that the black and white pastels are also heavily exploited. The man claims to comprehend and appreciate the difficulties the country is experiencing but based on his black and white notions of reality.

He would probably ignore the family of red which would only remind him of the bloodshed and despair saturating the country every day.

The true blue range shades of trust and friendship would also be selectively ignored by this man who treats friend and foe alike and will abandon long-term political and economic relationships at the drop of a hat.

In the real world we all now realize that Trump’s favorite color is green: the color of money as it pours in and fills all his real and fake bank accounts and business dealings with ill-gotten gains , scams and flim-flam.

Military green would also be ignored by this current president who claims that he greatly respects the country’s men and women in uniform but as yet has not visited them in the battle field where they sorely need their commander-in-chiefs presence there to encourage and appreciate them.

Perhaps Trump is a fair weather president who enjoys the pomp and circumstance of military parades and public spectacle but due to his painful bone spurs does not readily welcome trudging in the muck, sand and murky water of a battlefield theater. 

Trump is a very luck president in that his eunuch vice president lacks the spine and the chutzpah to sideline his commander-in-chief. –gc



  1. I saw a poll today that showed a higher percentage of military personnel no longer support President Trump and his policies than when he took office. While there are still more who do support him, I think this is a trend that may continue to grow, thanks in part to his use of military personnel as a political tool during the recent mid-terms. Then again, for some reason he seems to be a Teflon President, so who knows.


    • I think that Trump really believes he is a “Teflon Don”. His own indiscretions and continual disregard and depreciation of other people outside his “family” will lead to his eventual downfall. Surely some of his staunchest supporters must have military experience and will be offended as he uses the military to achieve his own personal ends.


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