House Rules

If you enjoy pets and your home at times seems like Noah’s Ark then Susan W.’s post will offer you a glimpse into the complex and fun world of pet ownership. – gc

Nan's Farm-Inside Out

“Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.” ~ Corey Ford     

The weekend Photo Challenge on our other site Weekly Prompts is Ruling the RoostGC and I asked you to share photos of your family pets and tell us all about them.

Sandy and meOver the years our family home has resembled a menagerie, with animals galore sharing our lives. Hamsters, rabbits, parrots, dogs and cats and that’s only inside. Outside there have been horses, sheep, lambs, goats and cattle.

The picture here, taken over twenty-five years ago shows my dog Sandy, and me posing as usual!

As a young puppy Sandy was found wandering in the nearby market town of Otley. A shop owner took the pup to the local police station, her owner was traced but refused to take her back. Our own dog had recently died, and at around the same time as our house was burgled…

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