Cats: Territorial and Tenacious




“When my cats aren’t happy, I’m not happy. Not because I care about their mood but because I know they’re just sitting there thinking up ways to get even.” –   Percy Bysshe Shelley.

P R I M I T I V E   A N D   C O N T E M P O R A R Y 

I spotted this furry feline recently sitting as still as a statue poised for both immediate action and ready to dart off the moment the situation began to become too boring.

The object of the cat’s attention is really not the important thing under consideration ( at least for me it wasn’t at the time).

It was the manner in which the cat’s posture froze as it mounted the curb, placed its tail on the cool cement and then for all intents and purposes transformed itself into a living and breathing statue oblivious to its immediate surroundings.

This mesmerized kitty was totally focused on a man and his dog who had recently passed by and at the time failed to acknowledge its existence.

A few minutes later the cat relaxed its guarded stance and stare as the man and his playful pup returned to the site and passed by this focused sentinel once again on their way home.

Cats, while being totally independent and insanely curious about nearly everything,  can when it pleases them focus with laser like attention on something that captures their imagination as being worthy of notice.

I am not a pet owner but do marvel at the way people pick up after their dogs and deify their beloved cats. And that’s nothing to meow at. –  gc


Photo Challenge Ruling the Roost


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