The ups and downs of winter life


“Road safety is a state of mind, accident is an absence of mind.” — Anon



Winter is the nastiest time of the year to not only be a driver on slick city streets but also to be  pedestrians who for one second allow themselves to not pay attention and suddenly discover that gravity and a slippery patch of ice has jeopardized their existence.

If the above situation has not happened to you then consider yourself very lucky. But as they say your day will eventually arrive and the situation will not only startle you but could cause you physical injury.

Pedestrians need to be as cautious as automobile drivers during the upcoming months to ensure that their lack of caution and awareness does not place them in harm’s way.

One winter on my way to work I was taking out the trash to place in the collection bin. The sidewalk was slippery but I was cautious. As I approached the container I concentrated on the container and I suddenly found myself flat on the ground wondering what had happened.

I knew what had happened and was grateful that I had sustained no injuries.

A bruised ego is a lot easier to cure than a broken arm or leg.

Be careful out there when the roads are icy and the sidewalks slippery.  – gc


Photo Challenge Jack Frost


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