“Doc says I’ve got a rhinovirus!”



“The rhinovirus is the most common viral infectious agent in humans and is the predominant cause of the common cold.”- 

Here’s the deal: I am not going to gripe about the amount of time you spend sitting in your doctor’s waiting room until you are finally lead into another waiting room to see your doctor for an appointment.

I am going to suggest that if you are visiting your local medical clinic during the upcoming cold and flu season you take an extra precaution to protect yourself from the carelessness of other patients harboring their own brand of germs and contagion.

A few weeks ago I made an appointment with my family physician regarding a matter unrelated to any type of virus. As I sat patiently in the waiting room a woman and her teenage son sat across from me.

At first they were of no concern. Suddenly the son starts coughing and the mother sneezing almost in unison. Other patients in the immediate area fidgeted in their seats and watched curiously as this indifferent duet spread their cough and sneeze germs to all about them.

I looked towards the reception desk and noticed that there was a wall rack filed with surgical masks and a large sign encouraging patients with flu-like symptoms to don the masks to help protect other patients.

At this stage of the game I was intensely interested in using the mask for my own self preservation. I did not and got a rhinovirus.

After a few days of sniffling and snuffling my nose got red and a tad larger than normal. Ha.

From now on I will use the offered masks and encourage you to also use them if your medical center offers them.

I don’t want to point my finger and accuse the woman and her son of passing their cold symptoms on to me but I can only admit that I was complicit in catching the cold by not using the mask as a preventative medical tool.

In the winter battle with the flu virus forget being self-conscious and use the masks to protect you and your family members. -gc




  1. I’m with you all the way on this one,

    I had been thinking of writing my own post on this subject. As you know I contracted the flu ten days after the shot. Apparently it takes two weeks for the vaccination to become effective. My flu led to a nasty chest infection that required antibiotics and steroids.

    I assumed the whole thing was a virus and nothing could be done and even though very ill I refused to seek medical help until you forced me into it. As I sat in the waiting room I worried about passing on my illness to others, there were no masks.

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  2. Smart advice, Gerry. One local hospital has two urgent care clinics. They sent out a message to one will be solely devoted to all patients that have flu-like symptoms–including sneezing and coughing. Let’s keep it contained to only one location, please! Hope you feel better.

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