Trump and Uncle Tom politicking




“An Uncle Tom is a black person whose behavior towards white people is regarded as obsequious

 Rodman and Kim Jong Un


 Have you noticed how there are scads of devoted followers out there who always appear when the president’s ego is in need of public stroking?

This embarrassing incident happened yesterday when American rapper Kanye West publicly prostrated himself before the great one and almost pledged his first-born into the undying service to the president of the United States.

Trump and Kanye West

This is touted as being a well orchestrated public demonstration to deflect attention away from the devastation that was felt the day before by the inhabitants of the state of Florida.

While people  had died due to hurricane Michael’s strength and fury Trump reveled in the fact that his red hat slogan “Make America Great Again” was being labelled as the main reason why West is feeling dynamic, alive and like a real man again.

This is one public spectacle was as disgraceful as having a team of lions devour Christians in the Roman arena.

Once again Trump proves that he has no respect or regard for human life and dignity other than his own.

It is hoped that one day West will take his medication and discover how he was used.

All the rest of us can do is keep our fingers crossed that no more flatulent displays of conceit will be broadcast over the network news affiliates.

At least now Trump can proudly boast that he and North Korean president Kim Jong Un have a few faithful black folk in their diplomatic back pockets. — gc



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