Brett’s very rocky sh sh shoe in




“Never doubt that small groups of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ― Margaret Mead

A  S W I P E  A T  A M E R I C A N  E N T I T L E M E N T

Tuesday morning newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will begin checking his briefs and hopefully will not lower them to his female law clerks.

It is rumored that water coolers in his office will be replaced with kegs of Brett’s favorite brand of beer as he has publicly stated that “I like beer …”.

“Boofing ” in his new role as a Supreme Court judge will be replaced by his spoofing of reality and pretending to be non politically motivated.

President Trump might even raise a glass of root beer to welcome his beloved appointee to the highest office in the land since the president has claimed to have never touched an alcoholic beverage in his entire life.

Condolences and heart-felt sympathies are extended to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who not only revealed herself to a sympathetic public but also forced to endure the taunts and jibes of a president who cannot control his barbs of callous bombast and indifference.

It is only hoped that voters in the upcoming November mid-term elections will tip the scale of power in Washington and reinstall a system of check-and-balance government in an ungovernable White House. — gc


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