Credibility issues scrutinized



“Your name is your primary credential, let nobody discredit it and if so you must draw your sword and slay for the truth” ― Tare Munzara

A  M A T T E R  O F  T R U T H  N O T  S U P P O S I T I O N

Is a person’s credibility based solely on the people they know, the friends they partied with during their college days or the fame and celebrity they have acquired over the years of their careers or the number of political endorsements they receive from a sitting president?

Many times these “wrongly accused” individuals lament the loudest and proclaim their innocence to the world no matter who steps forward to publicly blame them of wrong doing.

President Trump, comedian and public icon Bill Cosby and now supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have been accused by women for their sexually exploitative behavior towards women.

These men have publicly decried the accusations as false, unfounded and part of a conspiracy plot to undermine and thwart the American way of life.

Why did the women wait so long to finally make their story public? 

Trump dismisses their accusations as lies contrived by emotionally upset and confused women who are attempting to grandstand and place a scarlet-letter on the foreheads of their aggressors.

I wonder if any of these gentlemen have ever heard of the condition post traumatic stress disorder. Moments of  intense stress create mental states of denial and fear and it does take time for some folks to come to terms with what happened to them.

Bill Cosby was recently sentenced to serve a prison term for his predatory behavior towards women. Many women breathed a sigh of relief when the judge issued his decision.

Kavanaugh’s day in court is almost here and  his lawyers have reportedly been coaching him for the event. We can all expect that his demeanor will be crisp, clean and flawless.

Many folks are saying that his good name is being besmirched and that he is the right man for the position on the highest court of the land.

But if his past attitudes and behaviors towards women are as reprehensible as his accusers state then he really has no place sitting on the bench to decide issues that are important to women if he is harboring such ill will toward them.

Shakespeare in Othello wrote,”Who steals my purse steals trash….but he that filches from my good name robs me of that which not enriches him and makes me poor indeed.”

Is the public battle for the truth worth all the effort?  –gc

Editorial Note:

A similar but not exact article was published on Susan Walker and my alternative Word Prompt site. To avoid confusion to our readers reference to the alternative site has been avoided. – gc




  1. Living all the way over here, I haven’t a clue who these people are so I’m chipping in with an unbiased opinion. The evidence appears to be stacked against the judge, with three ex college friends speaking against him.

    I don’t know whether the man is lying or not, but when someone appears to defend themselves by mentioning they are a church goer, alarm bells ring. Trump has set the standard here, it’s okay to lie if it gets you out of a tight spot!

    I also have to ask why the women waited all these years before speaking out, what prompted them to do so now? What purpose does it serve them?

    I’m afraid I don’t buy into traumatic stress being the reason for the delay, not where drunken college nights are concerned. I’m sure with all this publicity, True or False, they will eventually come to believe their own hype.

    Ulterior motives are at work here.


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