Dell Comics no longer Decent


“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” – Batman

T H E  G O O D  O L D  D A Y S  O F  T V

Back in my younger days when television was in its infancy and comic books were the rage I poured through reams and reams of superhero adventures provided by Dell Comics and Marvel Publications.

In those more innocent times Dell Comics catchy masthead slogan was : “Dell Comics are decent comics”. I thought they all were at the time.

The latest caped crusader episode has Bruce Wayne exposing his penis for generalized consumption. Holly Bat Cave Bruce!

But the world today pushes for the unusual and the diverse and publications that promote themselves as being “decent” are fast becoming an oddity from a more moral and straight-laced past.

This recent brand of bravado might have Wonder Woman chasing villains topless and paralyzing bad guys not with her magic lasso but with a stream of golden urine carefully and meticulously launched against evil doers.

Many of the cartoon heroes have become cultural icons and to debase their inner resolve and decency for the sake of appealing to an enlarged audience is downright criminal.

I will wager that Rodin is hiding out in the celebrated Bat Cave hoping that he too will not have to lower his tights in order to raise viewer interest.  –gc




  1. Has the reader profile changed for this comic book, is it no longer aimed at children?

    Sounds like they’ve changed the female anatomy too.

    I envy Wonder Woman, I’ve always wanted to pee like that! 😀


  2. YUCK. I do not and never will understand why idiots have to sexualize cartoons. Comic figures.

    If someone (an actor) playing Batman bared his fruits for all to see, that’s one thing (not acceptable to me, but still)…but to DRAW Batman with his dangly bit out there in public view.

    Well not the Batman I idolized. He was a Good Guy and would not do such a thing. How very sad and what a focus on what is wrong with society today…


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