Please don’t squeeze the Charmin



Forget about being world-famous, it’s hard enough just getting the automatic doors at the supermarket to acknowledge our existence.” —  Doug Coupland

P R E P A C K A G I N G  D O E S   W O R K

From time to time we are all guilty of squeezing and fondling food in the grocery store: checking out the bread to see if it is fresh; testing out the firmness of the melons and tomatoes in the display racks; examining the physical state of the dozen eggs we need to purchase.

There are shoppers out there who want to cut their own deals and the concepts of packaging and fair play does not relate to them.

Last week while in the veggie section of the supermarket I noticed two women ( a mother and daughter combo I assumed) loitering around a packaged grape display.

I pretended to not stare at them but eventually the mother and daughter tag team emptied one of the prepackaged plastic grape bags on the display area and then began to ad lib their ideal bag of grapes.

They worked in perfect unison as they chose this grape and that for their “specially selected bag”.

From time to time they both tasted the wares and eventually with their shopping prowess finally created their perfect purchase item. It appears that they had done this before .

They apportioned the rejected grapes into bags that were not as inviting as the one they had meticulously created

After they left I spoke with one of the produce clerks and related this story to him. He did not act surprised.

“Happens all the time these days” he stated in a matter of fact tone of voice.

Have you ever noticed such overt “market manipulation” while you are out shopping? –  gc


  1. I love the way you pretended not to stare! Dare I admit…

    I’m guilty of squeezing french bread to find the softest crust. Occasionally, the bakery dept gets it just right, but so often they over bake.

    I’ve found that cheese topped is usually softer than plain and I do love a chunk of french bread to eat with my soup! 🙂

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  2. Yes I have. I always pick one grape from the bag and taste it. They look fine but sometimes they are very sour. Just one though. And I do inspect containers like pints of blueberries, turning them around to make sure there’s no moldy ones. Avocados? Yes. Because if they’re hard as rocks, I don’t want them. With produce prices so high I have to be picky.


    • I draw the line at tasting, it seems wrong, but that could also be because the produce is unwashed and I’m fussy about what passes my lips. A tasting basket would be a good idea, providing the produce is washed first, though that would probably be financially unviable which kind of brings us back to the beginning. Are these actions responsible for pushing up prices?


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