Mr. “a-mom-in-us” on capitol hill



“Nobody has better respect for intelligence than Donald Trump.” –  Donald J. Trump.

S L I N G S  A N D  A R R O W S  O F  O U T R A G E

It appears these days the United States President Donald J. Trump has difficulty correctly pronouncing multi syllable words such as “anonymous”.

As we all have noticed he also suffers from the inability to pronounce much simpler words such as truth, honor, decency, respect, loyalty and of course fair play.

His blatant online tweeting attacks and public denunciations of an inside source in the Oval Office has once again caused the public to question his ability to continue to run the country.

Many Republican and Democratic officials are labeling the Op Ed writer of the New York Times article an outright coward and a someone who should simply resign if he/she is fed up with the condition in the Trump administration.

But how many other frustrated governmental officials have abandoned their posts and allowed this presidential loose cannon to continue on his merry way without any type of check and balance?

They say the name of the inside information source  will never be uncovered.

Bookies in Vegas have been giving odds to the person(s) identity.

Whatever happens we see the effect that stress and uncertainty is having on the already deluded mind of the president.

It is only a matter of time before he starts babbling about how the country has wronged him so badly after all the great good he has done for it. 

A country of ingrates I reckon. – gc


Photo Challenge Top of the Hill



  1. What I fear is those that say there are no honorable politicians and so they refuse to vote at all!

    This is what helped elect Trump in the first place and what will cause him to win again if too many follow this line. Even between two bad choices, there is always a worse choice and against almost anyone, Trump would be this worst choice.

    A failure to vote is a vote for Trump and his followers. There must be a balance in government again ant midterm elections are the chance to rectify the ills of this administration.

    Vote!!! And vote for change.


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