The Fringe a late summerfest event



“Whether it’s an obsession with dinos from early childhood, or a love for prehistorical pop culture, we think Fringers will really connect with the theme.” Fringe artistic director Murray Utas.

T H E A T E R  O F  T H E  A L M O S T  A B S U R D

This year the 37th Edmonton International Fringe Theater Festival was held in the Old Strathcona section of the city.

It is one of the western Canadian city’s signature summer festivals and the event offers 11 days of shows, entertainment, food and fun.

This year’s festival theme was “Fringe ‘O’ Sauraus Rex,” which was chosen by the public from a narrowed-down list of 50 ideas for this year’s theme.

The yearly event takes place near the end of the month of August.

Street performers, serious performers and all those in between wannabee performers add their specialty to the public event. –  gc


Photo Challenge Festival


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