Believability versus bombast

Rest in Peace



“The problem… is that most members of Congress don’t pay attention to what’s going on.” —John McCain

I S  H I S T O R Y  R E P E A T I N G  I T S E L F ?

Have privileged and powerful patricians seized control in the White House and are determined to run rough shod over the powerless and voiceless masses who look to their leaders for moral example and direction and political guidance?

The answer to that rhetorical question these days is a resounding yes.

Thanks to President Trumps disregard for moral, spiritual and even political considerations the current White House has been converted into a verifiable Slaughter House five where division, delusion and deception have become the secrets to success.

John McCain was the only politician today that had the chutzpah and the resolve to challenge the current regime’s headlong dash to oblivion.

These days when both houses of government have lost their voices and spine to confront the country’s modern-day despot McCain took that uncertain and calculated step to butt heads with a man devoid of humaneness and humility.

McCain believed in telling things the way they were and hated those pompous and conniving members of government who constantly stretch the truth and envision imaginary personal plots against their person and brand of governing.

Senator McCain and his fiery enthusiasm for the truth and fair play will be missed.

Rest in peace John. You have truly fought the good fight. –  gc


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