Giuliani’s gibberish harrowing

 Rudy Giuliani



“Paradigms of Republican versus Democrat or Conservative versus Progressive have been designed for obfuscation and entertainment.” – Catherine Austin Fitts

T H E  D E A N  O F  D O U B L E  T A L K

In the Golden Days of television Al “Double Talk” Kelly ( born Abraham Kalish) was a former vaudevillian comedian of choice you wanted on your talk show to not only wow your audiences but also have them scratching their heads at this man using the English language in a most unintelligible manner.

Double-talk is a form of speech in which inappropriate, invented, or nonsense words are used to give the appearance of knowledge and so confuse or amuse the audience.

Kelly was billed as the world’s greatest double-talk comedian. Comedians in this genre of entertainment served as front men or stooges for the more popular stars and entertainers.

Given its history in early television and vaudeville it is unsettling to watch and listen to President Trumps attorney and legal counsel Rudy Giuliani publicly and vehemently defend his nonsensical, confusing and at times nerve-wracking line of rhetoric and gibberish. 

I am sure that the Trump-Giuliani comedy team would be taken off the air in a more rational and logical world in which paying commercial sponsors would review their losses and send these geriatric clowns back to Vaudeville where they belong. –  gc





  1. For once I’m not adding my two pennyworth.
    Living in England, I can’t comment here because I do not know of the comedian. Though I will say this, the situation in America is having a knock on effect on the rest of the world and it’s both heart breaking and shocking.
    So much so that lately I have turned away, I’ve had enough of this man, I have switched off from Trump and his nauseating sycophants!
    America… just sort it!

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