Speaking out almost helps


“Mainly, it’s not that there are things you can’t say. It’s that there are things you can’t say without the risk that people who previously lacked a voice might use their own freedom of speech to object.” ― Oliver Burkeman

M O R E  T H A N  A  F E E L I N G  O N  T H I S  O N E 

Did you ever wish at times that you were born with X-ray vision so that you could peer inside an object ( box, packaging or even a vegetable) and know at a glance that the item was worth your while to purchase?

Late Friday afternoon I visited my favorite Safeway store and chose a healthy looking head of lettuce for a salad I had planned to enjoy on Saturday evening.

The outer leaves emitted a green glow and there were no dark colors on the leaves or the bulk of the vegetable. I made my selection and looked forward to enjoying my chicken stir fry salad the next evening.

When the lettuce was cut in half the green glow I expected was replaced by a very bright yellow tinge. Not quite what I was expecting.

The upper layer of leaves were salvageable so they were selectively chosen for my salad mix. These tasted fine.

The next day I visited the store early in the day and asked the produce clerk if the yellow tinge was normal for the type of lettuce they were selling.

The clerk, who was straightening out bags of oranges at the time gave me a standard answer: “if it is not what you wanted then return it and take another.”

I tried to persuade him into offering me another answer but he held firm to his reply. Tainted veggies were reportedly causing health issues and concerns nation wide.

I politely thanked him for his assistance and when I visited the lettuce display I noticed that all the “questionable” heads of lettuce had been replaced by another batch with darker leaves.

The bin had held about 30 head of the veggie but on this Sunday morning by eight a.m. they had all been replaced .

Was this product exchange and replacement due to a high volume of sales or were customers complaining about the quality of the product and a frantic department manager decided to scrub the lot and find a last-minute substitute?

The recent salmonella and vegetable warnings in the United States have inspired me to update my observations of the fruits, vegetables and “health wise” salads that I now purchase. – gc



    • I visited the market this afternoon (Monday). I chatted with a more sociable and affable employee in the veggie department. He told me that the head of lettuce had become dehydrated and the yellow center verified this fact. He also added that I should look for a head of lettuce that is heavier and has dark leaves. The insides will be the correct color and safer to eat. Thanks for your comments. Always appreciated. Enjoy the day.

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    • The problem seemed to be that the lettuce had dehydrated and the yellow coloring was the physical sign of the drying out leaves. I used the greener outer leaves and threw away the rest. Can’t take chances with food these days.


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