The hunt for Sunday supper


“The buyer is entitled to a bargain. The seller is entitled to a profit. So there is a fine margin in between where the price is right” –Conrad Hilton

A   C U T   A B O V E   T H E   R E S T

What do you do when the cuts of steak you want for Sunday supper are too expensive but you still have the craving to treat yourself to them anyway?

You do what I did and shop around and hope that the same cut of meat will be available at a lesser price but same quality.

I live in a metropolitan area served by a national grocer. Their meat departments are top-notch and when I want to treat myself I visit not one but three  of the outlets near me located with a ten-mile area. 

On Thursday I visited the nearest store and noticed that their prime steaks were on sale and were reduced from $28.50 to a more affordable $13.25 per kilogram.

I stood at the display counter and eyeballed the meats on display. They seemed to be properly cut and the thought of enjoying such a steak on Sunday was intriguing but not over whelming.

I decided to jot down the price and a few other relevant particulars and jumped in the car to visit this stores other outlet about 20 minutes from my residence.

I was surprised when I visited the meat department and noticed that the same cut and quality of steak was “on sale” for $19.75 per kg.

The cuts of meat were well butchered as in the previous outlet but I still felt curious enough to visit a third outlet about 20 minutes from this one.

The employees in the meat department here were busy preparing the meats for the Thursday rush of buyers. The price per kg had not been posted . I asked the butcher behind the counter the price of the steak.

“It’s on sale today at $16.35 per kilogram” he said.

You can probably guess which outlet I bought the meat from.

One of three things must have happened: (1) There was a manager’s sale on at the individual outlets. (2) The weekly memo to the meat departments must have been misinterpreted. (3) There was an over stock of the product and the department managers decided to choose a price that would inspire sales and minimize store losses.

Whichever way you want to slice it looking for a great deal on your meats and produce is worth shopping around for. At least it worked for me. — gc


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