“Stable genius” boast dubious



“I am very consistent. I am a stable genius.” — Donald J. Trump.

A  T R U E R  S T A B L E  G E N I U S

In the early days of television there was one true stable genius and that was a talking horse named Mr. Ed.

There were other horses sharing the limelight with Ed but Roy Roger’s horse Trigger, Flicka of “My Friend Flicka” fame and The Lone Ranger’s horse Silver could not talk and were unable to express themselves.

It might be advantageous today if the White House genius would take his foot out of his mouth occasionally replace it with some sugar cubes and head out to pasture. But sadly that will not be the case for this brooding mare.

On another issue the people of “higher intelligence” Trump was referring to the other day might be high-ranking Russian officials who are sipping vodka and saluting the president’s naivety and mental confusion.

From the golden days of television Russian agents Boris Bedenov, Natasha Fatale and their aloof handler Fearless leader injected their own bit of humor into the serious game of espionage and duplicity.

We can all hope that a semblance of intelligence and spine will creep into the Republican party and that at least senator will speak out and challenge the capricious whims of this empowered whiner and liar. – gc









  1. You should or already may have seen the video by a person called “Randy Rainbow” on the subject. Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Modern Major General” will never recover. … it’s hilarious if you have missed it. It’s entitled: “A Very Stable Genius” (link:


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