POTUS “double negative” troubling

Inspector Clouseau




“People of higher intelligence are praising my performance in Helsinki.” – President Donald J. Trump.

Is president Donald Trump a clever Russian operative who uses ineptness , rudeness and guile to confound the world or is he really a bumbling Inspector Cousteau and while appearing stupid for the world has a master plan in mind all along?

Well to put your mind at ease many insiders insist he is a “transparent idiot” who apparently as yet has not welcomed the right kind of genius in his White House staff who would truly appreciate his global antics and easily forgive his acts of political naivety and moral meanness.

The White House reported that Trump did not know “what the fuss was all about”.

If you watched his face-saving attempt to correct his Putin blunder you will notice that he read the prepared script in a manner that is reminiscent of someone being held captive by hostile kidnappers.

To add his own two cents to the prepared statement he emphasized the fact  that “there are a lot of other people out there who are equally responsible.”

Hopefully in the upcoming November 2018 mid-elections people of moral fiber and conscience will diminish this bloated egotist’s reign of terror. -gc





  1. Hopefully, I used to use this word a lot. Now it seems hollow. How many times is he allowed to “seem” to take back his words when he is not even capable of sincerity?


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